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Reigner of Berlin, Germany, has published the results of his
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others regard it as farcy. All die that take the disease.
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had become epidemic, to what extent it had proved fatal, the treatment adopted for
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a local occurrence, and not likely to spread widely from herd to herd'after the manner
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direction of the Veterinary Department, but at the expense of the dock
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aside for the men on guard, who were allowed to have
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to a sign that they were diseased ; but still, before he had finished his ex-
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pool, by Mr. William Hawkswortk, Brighton, Mass. They were Illinois
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Meigs. — Horses and cattle are measurably exempt from contagious
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Ci 1^ ;^ . . .1-1 . — 1 r-( . . .1-1 . r-l .■■) lO . O 1-4 CO T^J i.-O -^ 3-1 1-1 1
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sided mucopurulent discharge, it is quite plain, and safe to
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such spores are indestructible by prolonged drying, putrefaction, or
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During this time the elevator was descending, and passed from
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the stage of reaction, however, judicious treatment is
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of Bacillus rods, but united in chains and clusters of every conceivable
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five out of twenty-four individuals, all of whom finally suc-
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micrococcus, found in this disease, and its power of resisting the effects
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as a cause of diminished secretion. While we are standing or
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Just a moment for the other side of the question. It is of
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in figures increased gradually until the eighth day.
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ity of the virus and susceptibility of the birds both proved by other
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boiled again for a couple of minutes and placed in the jar
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acute articular rheumatism is recommended in the following
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this appears to be four times less than in the case of codein.
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Franklin. — The principal losses sustained by farmers of this county
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same, and therefore concluded, and I think rightly, that urea is
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sion, from this resum^ of the achievements of serotherapy in its
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The lymphatic glands, superficial, inguinal, and pharyngeal, were of a deej) red; the
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becomes a matter of hesitancy to decide as to the accuracy
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landed without being subject under the act of 1878, or under that Order, to slaughter or
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later investigations, are available. Of these five only, l iz.,
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Delivered at the Royal College of Physicians, London, by Robert J. Lee, M.D.,

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