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isfied are not in accordance with the actual facts. Taking the first

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case after others had failed, he finds that the annoying itching dis-

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infiltration is seen. The muscular coat is quite degenerated, while in one portion of

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examination, Dr. "W. F. "Whitney's, of lungs of pleuro-pneumonia 272

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day the body was found to be covered with round, bright red

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affected with a contagious or infectious disease, he shall be deemed guilty of an offense

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still a much smaller death rate (eight instead of twelve) than we should

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Grimes. — Glanders has prevailed among horses in one locality in this

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staggers, &c. What few cattle we lose generally die of hollow-horn.

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fluctuation on the presence of cholera in Calcutta to

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time, he had since been able to feed himself, and had gained

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improbable that in the domain of synthetic chemistry lies the

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Conclusion. — Putrefaction entirely destroys the virus of swine plague,

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deformities, or the removal of the appendix vermiformis in

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Operation April 5th, 1898, assisted by Dr. Thayer. The bladder,

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should fail to remind this professional beggar, the hospital

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fore is more liable to suffer from the infecting material

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Thurston. — Scab is the only disease which seriously affects our sheep.

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served five days in a sealed bottle. After this the sickness increased

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in which anaemia occurred without any discoverable cause but

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county, Tenn., under date of December 20 last, says :

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The meeting was called to order by the President at 2 : 05 p. m.

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the benefit of such a course. As a matter of fact, he may be

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" Even in cases of so-called beri-beri is the presence

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pound comminuted fracture, with muscles and deep-seated

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condition should be treated on the same general basis as laid

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results have always been satisfactory. In chronic articular rheu-

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Three subjects thus exposed after they had been protected by a previ-

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