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month of the S.-W. monsoon in these special districts,
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been dried up, a layer of saline substance in places four inches thick
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regard to the real nature of the disease reported to exist among cows in the vicinity
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from some other source and produced the fatal results recorded. Prop-
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consideration of the hospital authorities. For these men are
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in his recent very elaborate research. Dr. Cunningham believes
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after having succeeded in a case which had, previously, given poor
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strangidated by a long fibrous cord extending between the mesentery and a
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normal temperature, and they recover promptly under the admin-
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He was suffering from a large lacerated wound, which extended
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Ichthalhin (ichthyol-albumen), the substitute for ichthyol, in-
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medium of the milk was discussed at length at the meet-
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chloroform, as it causes less congestion and haemorrhage, and the
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hence occasionally to be used. I believe many operators,
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the one was but a modified form of the other, though no proof was
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tually either died or recovered. To quote an instance
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First. That the vessel in which they are imported has not, within three months
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ral effusion and dried "by the same gentleman was placed in a clean
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inflammation, and that chronic urethritis often exists without
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The work of the state board of health for the time under
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Commencement and other important occasions. He is in-
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This solution is left for a few minutes in contact with the tympa-
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the acid, if they are not destroyed by the other fungi.
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is the result of reflected reflexes ; neither do we know how
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It was liin. long by Ijin. The wound through which it had entered was
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it here. Cases of true beri-beri still appear occasionally
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nous injection of saline solution, and his observations have
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March 25. — There is an increase of the rash. Temperature,
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that had been treated with an equal volume of a 40 per cent, solution
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he remained until nearly the close of the war. He showed the
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