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estimate, 5,200,000 red and 10,000 white corpuscles).

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The operation completed, the dressing was simple. For an

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which may be associated the typhoid state, but not the classic features

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freezing, but alas ! they are of the salmon tribe, and are very

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general pyemic process may then develop. When death occurs it is

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above 130, when the patient is restless and sleeps badly, the physician

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females, the discrepancy in the relative number of cases being greatest

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so generally results in distinct prostration as epidemic influenza,

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Ptomaines lurk particularly in milk, the albumin furnish-

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early diagnosis. I think this is a law, surely; that it is the

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out stint to help these poor and weary "children of a day."

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vocated by Seibert, offers a valuable resource in obstinate cases, even

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tub is to be brought to the bedside of the patient, and in hospital prac-

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is found in the fetus in utero. In such instances the disease may re-

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I oppose all animal broths, such as beef-tea and the like, in

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protected by substantial banks and drained by tidal sluices.

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The death-rate, however, is greatly modified by the type of the indi-

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of non-intercourse with the outside world. So soon as a

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ditions, such as corpulence, advanced age, emphysema, etc. ; and these

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such infections. It is interesting here to note that J. W. Vaughan

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starvation to them is just what they need for restoration to

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copper, the acetate of lead (gr. ij — 0.1296) and opium (extr., gr. i —

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Associations, the officers of which refused to give up the control

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Buttermilk is milk with the fat removed for butter. There

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Wallace, now a prominent practitioner in Philadelphia ; Wil-

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owing to the prominence of the parties, — one a United States

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brain rest, prunes are nerve sedatives. There are fruit-cures,

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The medicinal treatment is, for the most part, simple and symptomatic.

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the poison is not too large, or a sufficient number may pass into the

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blossomed until it was barrelled in the vaults. It had no

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ease it is well to allow easily digestible solids, as raw oysters, eggs, well-

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by the complete relaxation of the arterial vessels, producing a passive

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changes in the vessels due to senile degeneration and alcoholism.

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tuberculosis, holds that the lower mortality from this disease shown by

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to ten thousand feet at once. Probably four thousand to six

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able. Myocardial weakness tends to supervene as a sequel. It is evi-

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tries (chiefly tropical), and why it is chiefly confined to the low-lying es-

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