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prevails at some points in the county every summer. I never knew a
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keep the fowls in a restricted run, which has been previously well disin-
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July 4. — Pi'ogressive and rapid emaciation. Subsultus ten-
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allowed to fill completely, when it was withdrawn and immediately
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of the pain, and its exacerbation at certain parts of the day,
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In inoculating as stated, with such a large amount of the virulent
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Waller. — The loss of hogs in this county last spring from a scarcity
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in the wide part at the beginning of the tube, and only allows it
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physician himself, but should never be given to the patient
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for pigs Xos. 10, 11, and 12 was from a malignant case and contained
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maximum of 2 grammes (about 30 grains) per day. The results
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j* Washington. — There has been no contagious disease prevailing among
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the primary danger of death by the chemical poison it died in the course
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No. 2 A with swine-plague schizox>hyta3 cultivated in milk, and pig No.
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About \ gr. of the hydrochloride of cocaine is applied to the
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Altogether during the past year 162 foreign animals, namely, 1 head of cattle, 77
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have they done with the immense accumulation accruing
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missioners', held at Springfield, 111., December 1, 2, and 3. 1868. Published at Spriug-
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be opened, even temporarily, in all villages and places
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tality, and the mysterious way in which it seems periodi-
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infection, or an inoculation with material directly from a diseased ani-
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accretions be made to the number, the patient would
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convince all but a few irreconcilables that the Institute
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the Hindoo who plunges into the Ganges for the same pur-
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history of "A Case of Ovarian Cyst and Extrauterine Pregnancy,
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One well-marked case of colloid carcinoma of the breast occurred in a woman,
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under the subcutaneous tissue 1 cc. (16.2 minims) of distilled
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return of consciousness upon withdrawing the anaesthetic. The
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Again, volvulus shows less than 5 per cent., a finding hardly
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chance of preserving life. The possible fatality of anaesthetic
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suction apparatus capable of taking its supply from

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