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are so unfortunate as to be located in the States through which the

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ters, the animals seeming drowsy and trembling. If still driven and

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Other surgeons of position — Mr. Savory, for instance — have

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writing by one or more duly qualified veterinary surgeon or surgeons, employed by

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to the most laborious occupation within the second month. Re-

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Dean Goodenough's class of '88, thirty-five per cent, of which

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Fifth District, *J. C. HUTCHINSON, M. D., Kings County.

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formalin and ammonia, is apparently still in use, for reports have

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The next place of meeting will be Elmira; secretary, Dr. C. L.

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sion or severity. Among these are enumerated fatigue, bad hygiene,

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knowledge of its etiology may lead to prophylactic measures which may be easily ap-

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tite improved. Pig No. 10 worse and coughing, and does not eat any-

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whose symptoms correspond very logicall}' with its patho-

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Dr. Hammond, in closing the discussion, insisted that a uterus

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June 19. — No change; one of the chickens, the best one, is missing,

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to guard against a possible deadly relapse. And they are

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form of investigation, since human nature is prone to follow

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perature of 103° and 104§9 F., respectively. July 21, no appetite, dull,

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cells by adipose and fibrous tissue, the result becomes mani-

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prevalent or destructive to life and labour in India, Assam and

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at a time when cholera had already broken out, and rix

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action is prompt and effective and pronounced by Dr. Campi as

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April 12. — First plain symptoms of swine plague.

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to show your interest and do your duty by attending the sci-

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incision has once been made it is advisable that the position

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research, should reserve to science and its applications such unexpected revelations.

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and he will call you a fool, while he coolly loads his gun and, joins his neighbors; and

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tion. It acts as a deodorizer and is entirely free from any irritation.

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the weight of the organ much increased ; and this is naturally

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have changed their aspect, having an ' angry ' look about them ;

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temic disorder." {Brit. Med. Journ., Vol. II for 1898, page

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