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the following picture : A strikingly pale and softened mucous

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prevents fermentation. {Bulletin Qen. de Therap. ,Yol. CXXXIII,

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There is no longer room for the imagination to deceive ;

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died October 2, was the fourth animal examined, and the seventh and

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paresis; and in many such cases only the most practiced

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following operatious. A woman, unmarried, 26 years old at

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disease, microscopical examination showed that the whole of the

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sema; or disease of the liver, causing pressure on the portal

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the distinguished position of Prerfideut of the important

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given. About twenty minutes after the drug was given, the

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increase in size they may become confluent ; and in a more adA r anced stage they

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only two out of twelve. Thus, in this case, microbes

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to the inoculation of flocks with sheep-pox or of human beings with

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of the two, except in their effects, naturally roused the suspicion that

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city. It is a piece of perfect mechanism composed of an

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this object in view, I venture to proceed with the subject

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Bissell, Joseph B., 15 W. 58th St., New York, New York Co.

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Diagnosis and Indications for Treatment in Chronic Intestinal

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ported by system, and that the animal may recover from it. This is the problem to

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the external border of Poupart's ligament should then be

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in a malpractice suit. I believe such a course, coupled with words

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My esteemed friend, Mr. W. M. Force, has requested me to answer a communication

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The general expenses were $78. The increase in the permanent

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potency. The solution of this question would have a direct bearing

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the region east of the Blue Ridge, except during the winter months.

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slowly ; he did not rank it as a cholera comma, although

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lengthened interval. In a certain number of cases ossific

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results of his observations in an article entitled *' Experimental

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were repeatedly administered hypodermically. The patient's con-

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resection with end-to-end anastomosis should only be under-

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condition existed in a more freely movable portion of the

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