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finds especially good results in the use of this agent in infants at

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by feeding on the ashes. Those of my neighbors who have adopted the use of ashes

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84. An order or regulation made or issued by a local authority under this act or

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sciousness, and from that time on progressed favorably.

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each litre, down to 5 grammes at the close of one month. In

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Therapeutics of Calotropis Gigantea. By J. Morton, m.d., l.r.c.p., l.r.c.s., Mussoorie

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ity they had observed following removal of the uterus and

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less of a contagious affection transmissible from man to man, and more

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sluggish liver more frequently in the former class, a cirrhotic

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Telegram from Mr. Wvaris to Mr. Welsh, United Stales Minister, London,

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no other conclusion than that which I formerly arrived

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in the kidneys. But although a single examination for

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sion is carried through the skin and fascia. With a groove

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1. The heart from a child (who was cyanotic during life) with

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causes find at last an exciting cause. Few cases of insanity

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Some Difficult Cases of Chloroform Administration. By A. Neve, f.e.c.s,, Kashmir ... 204—206

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ance of giog, surpassed the others in dash, and in impetuosity

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I have found that a very considerable proportion of fowls are capable of

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gut around them and tying them. The wound in the mesen-

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vous excitation, the cardiac anxiety, and, perhaps the most

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reason of the second cause of obstruction, i. ^., changes con-

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cases frequently present a subnormal temperature varying

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Experiment No. 28, September 1. — One hen and one chicken inoculated

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remained for over two months, when it was extracted by abdomi-

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goes sclerous degeneration, the entire canal finally assuming

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diagnosis that medicine employs in intestinal obstruction.

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No. 7 > Sloir^h in skin of nose of pi^. . iin.objectrre. x 2:

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which was one of the common breed, kept for exclusive use of the herd. The con-

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ate for a supposed appendicitis. In these cases the perfora-

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Wayne. — I estimate the value of the farm animals lost by disease in

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