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month of June, 1878, had been buried in separate places, six feet deep. The localities

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sis of these tumors, there are two factors to be considered,

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Surgn.-Lieut.-Col. S.H. Browne,, v.h.s., I.M.S,

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one on either side, and then through the muscle and fascia

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council" shall be deemed to be substituted for the words " an officer of customs."

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reason to hope that it, too, may be prevented in this way. My first

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gramme (about 1 1-2 drachm) doses in the 2-4 hours, is the ideal

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injuries or disease. Some evidence on this point will now be advanced.

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operations. His general plan is to first inject under the thick

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Cholera among fowls has prevailed with its usual fatality.

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What was the great factor in his recovery ? An out-of-door

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shelled corn or oats scattered on the ground, and while they are eating I sift fresh air-

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nothing would be simpler than to practice preventive inoculation upon the mothers

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into perfect apposition, the cavity being thereby completely

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Chickasaw. — Probably 75 per cent, of the horses in this county have

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geon to the privy council and inspector of the port of Liverpool, whose

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forms in patients in the General Hospital in Calcutta,

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steps of procedure and the indications warranting it. When

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dence would seem to favor such a transmission after the formation of

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Enteric Fever among Teetotalers in the British Army. By Surgn.-Capt. S. F. Freyer, m.d,,

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systolic at the ensiform cartilage. The left base is free.

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exerting a dragging force on a portion of intestinal wall they

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patient rarely complaining of any unpleasant sensation. Antino-

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had very successful results in various cases of neuralgia and where

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sidered as thoroughly acclimated, and completely impregnated by the Algerian con-

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I. A small urinary calculus passed ^er urethram after the use

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glomeruli, as if the usual anastomoses had all been collected

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their usual quantity of food. Whether the want of appetite is caused

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