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and neurology, special chapters are devoted to the descrip-
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The meeting adjourned till the last Thursday in June, 1899, to
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six quarts of water, and as the acid costs but 15 to 20 cents per pound
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A 10 per cent, gutta-percha plaster of ichthyol has been recom-
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the period in which they were not exercising. In the cases in
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the specific bacteria, it does not necessarily follow that the
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rile patient so long" as the bleb remained intact for forty-eight hours,
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native races of India exhibit a marked immunity from
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anaesthetic. Its advantages are that it is about one fifth the price;
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ccording to Holscher, even puerperal fever can be treated sue-
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Here I found the cholera microbe in nearly every well
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Finally we will consider the most serious disturbance of vis-
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degree to the slight variations in the results of investiga-
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Stomach contains a fair amount of ingesta and the mucous membrane covering the
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Indirect (Animal Serum) Method of Immunization Against Tuber-
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of manufacture by a prescribed formula, has been adopted by the
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before the demonstration and handles it with tenderness, the
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it has become an established fact that in animals blood may
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believe that his disease is most likely to be phthisis.
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although the differences observed in this respect in a
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to Nos. 8 A and 8B, are dispensed with. Pigs Nos. 8 A and 8B, which
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directly from a diseased subject. Microbial virus in
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tle in this locality during the past year. A good many hogs have been
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of the jugular vein, the extremity broken within the vessel, and the tube
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horses. Some hogs have died of a disease called cholera, caused by
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tinal obstruction, he puts the case aside as one of simple
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number 7 catheter, and required a whole fortnight's gradual
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Acid Carbolic (phenol) has been too frequently alluded to spe-
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the stomach but often gradually so increase in bulk by the
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* Lehre von der Fiiuluiss, p. 146, from VirchoVs ArcMv. B. 60. p. 453.
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plete obstruction due to these causes. It is of the utmost
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course, the physical signs will always he of the greatest impor-

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