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and, when collected, what possible conclusion could

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emaciation is visible. No change in any of the others..

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or through the introduction of contamiuated vessels

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Contraction of the longitudinal fibres occurs with a retrac-

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which started out with such high hopes, we will now en-

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it is of marked value and he has proved its efficiency in eight cases

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sages, like certain individuals, seem to have a diminished

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animals are commonly exposed for sale, or exposes for sale in any sale-yard, "whether

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-{- lenses, reads Jaeger No. 1 with ease. Cataract slowly devel-

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If the hospitals can be compelled to pay their visiting

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granting of a few minor privileges, as freedom from jury and

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pneumonia, or lung-fever. It was brought to this country as early as the year 1>43.

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pig, it was always taken from one that had been dead but a very short

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capillary walls, produces intra-vascular clotting, if reaching the

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or molars, but the perfectly regular shape of the normal teeth

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anaesthetic to take. It is suitable, however, for short operations

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its passage into water-supplies either by sub-soil or

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cases of stomatitis of the lips which has followed a rash. The

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the past year with some success. A report comes from the clinic

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pox are still possible. Of recent years an entirely new

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sion you have received is, first of all, that senile cataract is a

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after which they are wrapped in lint well saturated but wrung out

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suffering from marked ansemia, and his tongue, lips

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represented here, the public of India who will read

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than half a square inch ? This I attempted to do by

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Several amendments and modifications to the above law have been made since its

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of this work, on the 31st day of May, 1894, with all the

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meeting of the Chicago Oj^hthalmological and Otological Society in

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ether, for a tumor upon the shoulder. After a week, as the

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ciently large initial dose, and to give it at the earliest possible

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