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enema of an ounce of brandy in three ounces of milk ; second,

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Dr. Robert Newman exhibited a simple apparatus, which he

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line where the buckets were passed from hand to hand from

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into the connective tissue — the physician has long been desirous

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expect ; but when, to quote from my address before the

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continue for a long time. Eepeated bleedings, by producing a

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ations I include, first, Alexander's; second, shortening of the

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the way from the gall-bladder to the bowel, though doubt-

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cerebro-spinal or typhus fevers, but I would venture

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the toxin which the amoeba is supposed to form, comes

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acteristic effect is produced on the diphtheritic membrane.

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Other similar instances are to be found in the rather

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of blood, after operations during which there has been much

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Pike. — Horses throughout the county have been affected by the dis-

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particularly operations for cataract, while as has been said,

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The governor has thrown precedents aside, and declares

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Va., where two or three hundred cases terminated fatally last year. He says the

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can have but little value as a symptom of obstruction or

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delirium may also set up mania of the delirious form."

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Camphor, carbolated, effect of, on fowl-cholera virus 33

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already practised by eminent surgeons at home and abroad.

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encysted larvoe, the latter lives almost entirely in water,

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gering hope that he would find on minute examination some microscopic differences

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him that if they could and should be cured he would not survive

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because they are constant and not limited to particular nerve

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For convenience of examination and to avoid repetitions, the inocula-

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charities as in others of preventing duplication of sources of

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devoid of danger and is a very inefiicient means of evacu-

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successful in every instance when tried by myself and others. I feed my hogs with cita previa palma de mallorca

possible, and made it as dry as possible by wiping with

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the experimental pigs that contracted the disease and recovered, even

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V, new series, page 418) that this agent acts promptly, not only in

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It will come to the knowledge of your lordship from authoritative sources that the

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