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Shrady, John Eliot, 140 W. 126th St., New York, New York Co.

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inoculated, of which four suffered severely and four slightly. Three-fifths

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good health was restored. During the time they were coughing they showed unmis-

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necessary to refer to ^Nos. 1, 3, I, 5, 7, and 14 in the foregoing list.

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in future efforts to save these desperate cases. If an opera-

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to Nos. 8 A and 8B, are dispensed with. Pigs Nos. 8 A and 8B, which

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April 8. — Slept badly. Bowels relaxed. Pain in the left

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Tube No. IS: 1 to 50. Slight cloudiness of* liquid ; no membrane or deposit. Swarms

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improvement as regards the extent and severity of the pain.

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relief of human suffering, and which offers opportuni-

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It has long been believed that charbon arose spontaneously under the influence of

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Its Uses," before the Central Veterinary Medical Society. It is

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His name was like a password admitting many, who, but for that,

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because they are constant and not limited to particular nerve

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a. m., June 2, 1898, by the president, Dr. H. W. Carpenter, of

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them from that blind idea of charity, then do good to bad

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sideration is the stoppage of the bowels without apparent or

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of a month, and it did not occur at all in two thirds of the

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Dr. Overton said that some of the very subjects which should

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anaemia, three had it well marked and one had it slightly

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tion to certain diseases of the eye, ear, nose, and throat. " It was

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on a grand scale. He thought it was the duty of every medi-

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whole matter under the control of the State Board of Charities.

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only to the alimentary tract but in some cases to the urinary

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by the latter name is identical to swine plague, I have endeavored to

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joint " disease he stated to the learned professors, of whom

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swine plague in a whole herd, as would result from such a wholesale

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Med. and Surg. Journ., Vol. CXXXIX, page 194) as a result of his

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raised, perhaps in bed, perhaps out of it, perhaps sitting,

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Spicer, Walter E., 62 Charlton St., New York, New York Co.

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occurred, by the timely and proper use of this drug. The hygienic

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Notwithstanding anything in this act, or the second schedule thereto, within the city

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thousand five hundred and fifty-one (9,551) volumes. From that

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Benzoate of soda was tried, and proved to be a good preventive (cf.

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