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more of blood escaped from the mouth. On the 21st a suddeu rush of nearly a
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cal operations and in dentistry. It is offered in the form of a
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obscure and unsolved question. In the annals of the
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cal resection should be done. An entirely unnecessary
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peristalsis. These are chiefly polypi and endotheliomata ;
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of the columnar cells, and that they took no part in the catarrhal inflammatory
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among the cattle in the United States. Mr. Evarts replied as follows :
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cation. One of the most prominent workers in this line has been
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from paranoia. [Berlin klin. Wochensch., Vol. XXXV, page 863.)
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tamponade of boro-glyceride by separating the vaginal walls,
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board of health desired further powers, and with the influ-
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obtained I have come to the conclusion that in nearly every
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exactly at the root of the lung, indurated to the touch, and upon being-
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not cough up blood, but two large branches of veins, which,
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and dry as a board is. It w^as w^rapped in paper in the ordinary
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went to a quack. As a result, he became thoroughly syphilised
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connected with the distribution of cases in a cholera
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that the testimony of the great majority is in favor of the beneficial
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disappearance of the disease the excrements of infected animals caused
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cloth, produced a muddy, brownish liquid, which was boiled over a
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the form of the programme from the sheet, formerly in use,
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ditions of the system, just as in uraemia, while urea remains
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or common road generally beiug sumcient to limit it. Xo poison, how-
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*Sharer, John P., Little Falls, Herkimer Co. Original.
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anchylostomiasis by my predecessors. Of these two had \
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months of 1879, bronchitis was observed almost identical with that seen among the
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after I landed in this country. In the course of about
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destroyed, or otherwise dealt with in accordance with the instructions from time to
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specific in rheumatism when given in fractional doses throughout
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ciently small to pass through the whole vascular system — through the
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arrest morbid progress promptly is a remedy much needed.
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ries in connection with large breweries, I addressed a letter to the respective mayors of

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