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continual ; it assumed a somewhat periodical character, leaving

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c. Blood of the spleen, such as oozed out of that organ when an incis-

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a large dairy, pastured on the same ground, died. An agent of the

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tis put it between 62 and 69 per cent. There can be no

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ative procedures which are at our command. Suffice it to

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tympanic cavity had progressed to a considerable degree.

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umbilicus, aud at such points there are circumscribed abscessesin the walls of the colon.

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organic disease. Was just recovering from a somewhat acute

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Sir : In obedience to your instructions of the 1st instant, I made a thorough exam-

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There are also breaking down of the alveolar partitions in

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require you, as an occupier of lands and buildings adjoining to such infected places,

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eases that are not contagious, and hence it is a matter of primary importance to decide

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noted its marked deodorizing effects almost immediately. He

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she was kept fully under the influence of morphia for hours. In

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practice with alcoholics. For this reason, some would accuse him

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preventing the capillary opening from getting choked up. Dr.

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From these results, a vast fund of experience is treasured,

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• Panum, Das putride Gift. VirchoAv's Arcliiv., B. GO (1S74), p. 334.

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were taken sick within five days after the inoculation, while pig JSTo. 17

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an animal not inoculated or otherwise infected, for some time, say about

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but there was no disturbance of hearing. This condition of affairs,

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publication of the transactions was a permanent record

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ing them with a simple solution of either boric acid or ichthyol.

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determining the effect of as high a temperature as the virus can bear

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would regard his death. He mentioned his schoolfellows with

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Dr. Le Tanneur of Paris, France, reports having experimented

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an inch to several times this in length. There were also oval bacteria

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Morgan. — A mild form of epizooty is prevailing among our horses.

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form (Fig. 11). They would assume an oval, round, or dumb-bell shape,

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naturally extracts a much larger proportion of inert matter, it will

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body becomes warm, the heart quiets down, and the par-

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siderable quantity of fresh and fluid exudation and numerous small red

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the past year in the preparation for this auspicious occasion,

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