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tine. We may find by digital examination and the use of
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paresis by the difference in the ataxia and fibrillary tremors
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the suitable daily dose, larger doses producing increased frequency
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pondent, weary, irritable, etc., and during the attack has a dull,
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on about an inch above and the vein raised out of its bed
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statement that the diminished irritation and danger were the chief
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spread of cholera. It was reasonable to expect after
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of swine plague in July, and since that time liad been inoculated four
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orrhage has been generally recognized. Even now, despite
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vision, ought to be supplemented by regulations respecting
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since eleven o'clock in the morning. At first it had affected the
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county by disease for the past year as follows : Horses, 815,000 5 hogs,
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two after death, these animals had such an extremely offensive odor as
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been discovered in putrefying substances containing various
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enlargement of the veins of the feet and legs was noticed. This
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tion is due to malignant growth, removal of foreign tumors
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lent qualitv. The barns were fairly roomy and well aired, though when all the herd
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Monroe.— A. large number of horses have been lost during the year by
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The embryonic cell at first grows and multiplies only without any
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the chills and sweats had disappeared; her temperature was 100°
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and somewhat emaciated, yet eats a little at every meal, and, though
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With the passing of these first twelve or eighteen hours, if
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^SSo. 2 . x 787 . Objective : Hartnftok's x lfi -water
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leucocytes ; tliey are large, well formed, with clearly-defined
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zoate and hyposulphite of soda, iodine, &c, with a view to the destruc-
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Discussion on Cerebro-Spinai Fever... ... ... ... ... ... 146
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to the reader, or he may wish by it to draw away the reader's
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jjatches there is a loss of the mucous coat of the intestine.
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raised the question of intent on the part of the insured. It was
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Mr. C. T. Dent, surgeon to St. George's Hospital, London, Eng-
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This law deals with the largest industry in the state of
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tion from one person. Their total weight was one thousand
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every two hours. If any sign of sinking of the pulse

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