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two would die and seven recover; while thirty-one would not be visibly
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The form given in the second schedule to this order, or a form to the like effect, with
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The general outline of the cavity is such as to indicate that it had been formed by
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that ^fter the tissues have taken up a certain quantity of the
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induced sweating as a means of pieventiug the drenching
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of contagious pleuro -pneumonia, but of broncho-pneumonia, and the col-
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A MANUAL OF TOXICOLOGY^ Including the Consideration of
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Uranium acetate, in the proportion of about 1 to 10 of distilled
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complicated and serious a condition to be accounted for by a
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not stain linen, for he finds it does. He has employed solutions
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frequent N-W. storms, accompanied by heavy showers.
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"In the Indian Lancet for December 1st, Mr. B. N. Chowdhry
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try, if any, and that could not be until the whole of that country was
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was, for example, rather a benefit than otherwise in the fluid ex-
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tissues and exudations. Some authorities find exudations
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In Professor Law's experiments, but one of the agents which he used
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dium firmly united with each other, and not separable. On the pleura
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Naphthalan is the name given to a proprietary article made by
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this agent, but thinks it a remarkably effective dressing, favoring
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The Value of Quinine. By Surgn.-Gnl. Sir W. Moore, I. M. S., London ... ... 531—532
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to part with its milder characteristics and resume the more virident and
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JAbout three months ago Spanish fever was brought into the county by
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Dlnretln (sodio-theobromine salicylate) is still prominently
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This I give before eating and syrup of the iodide of iron in
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that, without hindering the expulsion of the expectoration, it les-
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over the whole. An important precaution is necessary in order to
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canal leading to the abscess is single, usually short and direct ;
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Phapmacolog'y&Indig'enous Dpug-s G. WATT, Esq., m.d., cm., p.c.s., c.i.e.
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logical condition requiring interference the proper step is
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we so rarely find primary intestinal tuberculosis in adults, in spite of the fre-
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Our armamentarium consists of digitalin, morphine, strych-
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pared, as we see him bidding for the dollar of the working-

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