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one found in simple hypertrophy where the extirpation has not been
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four were edematous. They showed various degrees of tail atrophy and were
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ahW that those n-istnitions after May 2r,lli, IS'.H. ehouUl
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taffeoosly applied to the internal fauces and pharynx.
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coughing fits, and epileptic attacks are said to have induced it. There is
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oxygen and its retardation in the presence of an excess of oxygen,
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persons, all of whom were more or less exposed to the contagion of
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cation is not altogether new. In 1909 Schaffer 15 stated that the trans-
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surgical report, it is still so intimately connected with the chain of
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some form of blood poisoning, and then the nature of the poisoning is
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observer, in none of which did any injurious consequences follow,
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ported, it being the first since the 9th month of last year.
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intravenous administration. Pulmonary hemorrhages sometimes
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type. Those varieties in which the cases most frequently terminate fatally
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and the flow of tears exceeded what has been usually observed in
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cases it was covered with a dark brown crust, and often cracked ; the
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a certain relation of radium to the cancer diathesis, and their presence in
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origin of the small lymphocytes, has led many investigators to accept
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beating auricles and in inhibiting the conduction of impulses set up
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the spinal cord, and indirectly, the brain, has his
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the privilege of using his very painless treatment, and
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nies the eruption, is the only morbid phenomenon which succeeds
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C and heated salvarsan of Series D after heating were mixed in the usual way.
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The course of the disease may be divided into periods. First, that of
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others indicate that the distortion is due to technique.
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lege of Pharmacy, held last evening, I was instructed to acknow-

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