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II. Chronic Polyarthritis — Chronic Articular Rheumatism 15

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increase the possibilities of successful operation.

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to be gathered from the life story of Dr. Alvin A. Hubbell,

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M. (Huber) Strittmaiter, grandson of Andrew Strittmaiter,

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in cases of shipwreck. To allow the air to escape, pressure is

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On the 13th she was perfectly rational; temperature 99 ;

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for his health, and he assumed charge of Dr. Smith's office

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Voik, ptulnblr Ifl Amerio, is Dr. I.<:«;. ITV.V. k

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Medical Society, the New York State Medical Association, New York

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where, during the session of i835-'86, he held the Chair of

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international prominence among medical scientists by reason of an

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Antero-posterior tracks, by far the most common, often

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MacDonald in 1894, and the New York University honored him with

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New York, the New York County Medical Society, the Alumni Asso-

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ticB and the care of sixty thousand people. For filtecD

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that four fifths of those apparently incurable are speedily

taking both methimazole and metoprolol

Question of Rest for Women during Menstruation," an

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not of the male riass did that stroke this lerm.' "

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mental Diagnosis) of Diseases of the Spinal Cord 285

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"Division of the Auditory Nerve for Persistent Tinnitus; Operation; Recovery;

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cells is abnormally low in chlorosis. In most instances the white cells show

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attend the meeting of the General Assembly at Omaha.

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a very large size ; and the swelling was at first hot and red, and

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energetic cause of his decay, but they cannot be discovered in

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author justly remarks that his paper would be incomplete if he

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but in this country, with its abundant liberty, with the varying

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cussion, much light will be thrown on this most interesting ques-

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