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the group, with the advantage that it is sometimes effectual where
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London: SMITH, ELDER, & CO., 15 Waterloo Place.
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respiratory or digestive organs. It is, of course, impossible
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fifty days; and each had been inoculated with a maximum amount of
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have they done with the immense accumulation accruing
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102.5° F. ; tongue broad, pale, flabby, covered with slight gray
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First District, DOUGLAS AYRES, M. D., Montgomery County.
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Perroncito in particular investigated with such signal
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general appearance is much more that of malignant disease
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Spleen. — Greatly enlarged. Firmly adherent to the dia-
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director the fat overlying the vein is torn away and the ves-
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exist within the confines of a single township for a whole year and not
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incidence is traceable in certain localities. In reference
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least a year and a half and he claims that it is increasing in popu-
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tibia, which is aggravated at night. There is nothing unnatural
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to the reproduction of bacteridia. In fact, I introduced to the facial vein of four of
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of us have seen during the last five years. Death marks
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I have recently seen, tliat the administration of alcohol both
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Every morning a cold-water spray over the shoulders and chest
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system of a maximum dose of the more potent forms of the poison will
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neither rivers, nor seas, nor quarantine are able to stop,
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minal dementia or permanent feeble-mindedness following
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each having a central yellow slough, and measuring about 3 liues by 2. Around the
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but some cases go on from bad to worse. The prognosis is
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„ femoral, communication of with vein, traumatic, 157.
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within twenty-four hours, I had nearly concluded that our chicken cholera
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doors are again opened for awhile, and the room is ready for
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infected. To all minds capable of estimating the force of
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disease, known here as Spanish or Texas itch. It only yields to per-
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about a quarter of an hour before the appointed time
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experiments to be made by his colaborers at the normal school (for its verification). He
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advance our knowledge very considerably in regard to this particular
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adequate to bring about the condition of paresis or paralysis,
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is inferred by the poor transmission of light which in the
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place near the opening to any of the sinuses it is but a step
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to a sheet of water contracted into a superficial area

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