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heavy. The epizooty prevailed among horses for a short season in a
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ficial physical contact of the vapor. {Centralbl. fiir Chirurgie^ Vol.
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Plates from I to V inclusive — Lesions and microscopical appearances in
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channels of conduction as in any other manner. It is always
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domen, from Poupart's ligament to the seventh rib ; its anterior
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in primary schools, and no doubt produce impressions
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of an insane man aged twenty-three years who died about
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the fever thermometer and the microscope. A short review of
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it should be thoroughly sprayed with water. If masses of matter
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monary tuberculosis, from the reports of many physicians
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off. When the cannula is removed this last ligature is tight-
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diameter is 22 inches, and the surface of the well-water
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the 23d of this month, when he reported to me he had examined several cases of
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being more powerfully antiseptic. His custom was to either drop
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had been established between bovine tuberculosis in certain locali-
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part thereof, of foreign animals, or of any specified kind of foreign animals, or of for-
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this infection occurred? Several different substances have been used
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his observation an exploratory operation had been done by
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try. It is clear, therefore, that, even if the people
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deaths. The only disease we have had among cattle is distemper, which
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to me. The three questions before us, then, are : first. Has
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evidently due to what we may term internal and external causes. The most important
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likelihood there is that contagious pleuro-pneumonia exists in any of
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diary. It can be seen in the light of this diary how foolish
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round, elevated patches of psoriasis, varying in size from half an
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cases, alternating with diarrhoea in 25 per cent. First yield-
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exhibited symptoms of a very mild reaction, but none of them became
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because we are not able to prove its worthlessness.
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Shepard, A. W., 126 Willoughby St., Brooklyn, Kings Co. Original.
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suppl}'', and the impulse becomes transmitted and manifest

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