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and about one dram of the familiar gallo-tannic acid 1-3 applied

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being' subject, under the provisions of this schedule, to slaughter or to quarantine,

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accumulation of fluid. Temperature, 1037°. Pulse, 120. She

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The operative therapeusis of genital nervous affections is

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3. Stage of consolidation or sclerosis. Here the bone pre-

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few instances so-called bony union has been found to be fibrous.

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compressed, and applied while the arms are being raised, to

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this would probably have been the case in the indurated part of

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ures, clothing, drinkiug-troughs, &c. Milk is regarded as one of the

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One of the chickens does not go to roost, and does not seem to be well ;

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accomplished during the year may not be considered out of place. This

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cally that each group of workers could work independently and

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United States minister in London. He said that the information had taken him by

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records of but fifty-four cases, and that men of the widest

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every prospect of perfect restoration of the joint if massage

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for twenty minutes ; water at 95°, cooled down to 75°. Tem-

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from cholera was practically nil. It is impossible to

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nities it furnished him to serve his fellow-men. Yet the profes-

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this point, and perhaps on that account the remark has

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53, died of cancer of the cardiac end of the stomach. Four males, of ages varying

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one and only cause of consumption. This he did in 1882,

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Surgn.-Major K. R. Kirtikar, m.r.c s., l.r.c.p., I.M.S.,

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could be effected ; and in seven, reported by Fowler, in

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practical men accept with credulity the conclusions of

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statistics of animals landed in, from the United States 204

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and diseased swine were compelled to breathe the same atmosphere. Not-

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mous, and his enthusiasm and love of his profession knew no

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rexia it will be found to occupy nearly the whole of

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Pelvic neuralgia proper. — Pains of this order may become

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burner within certain limits, by means of the stopcoclr, letting

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coils ; compression by contracting adhesions ; shrinking of

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bacilli, and much information can be gained from a micro-

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nature of this process appears to me to be consequent upon

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due to ocular troubles is a form of neuralgia. It seems to me

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8 days after beginning the treatment the sugar had diminished

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