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panies have "been losing money the Canadian and English companies nave been making

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During September the Canadian and English rates were 2J to 3 per

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regarding the difficulties and dangers of treatment by

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to general health. The studies of scientific dental men have

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and extending to about half of the whole pulmonary tissue. In the

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other place where the virus could be shut up and preserved or intensi-

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6 lP.~h/L. x 92&. 0"bjectiT^e •- Tolle's ^no immeTsion a:n_d_ Beefs B-

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from India. Whether the disease existed amongst the

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(10 to 25 drops of Fl. Ext.), I find to be a good heart tonic,

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'* 12. Totally thyroidless young dogs are so quickly overwhelmed

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soon as the exudation could be obtained after the chest had been opened.

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thy parents. A precedent was looked for in vain for the

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when exposed to a solution of this strength for a certain length of

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by hypodermic injection of fifteen drops each, of the infusion containing

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" 3, The walls and floor of the room and the articles contained in

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taking better care of their stock than formerly, and it shows quickly in

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their characteristic being that although the patient be wholly

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been able in six instances to induce an analogous fever

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cil or order or regulation of a local authority thereunder, every offense against this act

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quite smooth, and the tissue immediately adjoining was firm, dense, and quite homo-

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the latest edition and up to date, he is likely to become despond-

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of the field. There are many globules resembling the red corpuscles in

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those antiseptics have proved to be efficient preventives, because the

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Therefore, the action of this anytol for disinfecting the hands was

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strongly urged. The petroleum ether element, however, is gradu-

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and of the negro or Cholo in Mexico, who inoculates himself with the poison of the serpent

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Statistical tables of patients under treatment in theHospital during 1875.

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Judging from the experience he had had of the action of the

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of inconsistency, but inconsistency sometimes meant that one

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chanical conditions present which would seem to indicate

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causes the mortality after the operation was 69.3 per cent.

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glass spools by the gross, of J. Elwood Surgical Co. I then

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