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by variations in the functional strength of the affected organ

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few instances so-called bony union has been found to be fibrous.

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Fitz concludes his very valuable paper, already referred to,

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whenever obtainable, took it from pigs killed by bleeding while in an

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own cattle; and, indeed, no officer gives them a ny m examination except

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monia, but that he examined them, and even with the thermometer (a

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(drawings No. VII, a, &, c, and VIII, a and b). Whether the same, not-

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July 23. — The pain has been constant since eight o'clock yester-

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tion of our cattle previous to shipment will prevent farther trouble from

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to be presented, is acknowledged, and, I trust, accepted as a

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victims of inferior surgical work? Simply because the sur-

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;can be seen piled up in the fence corners the year round.

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observed in the fresh blood immediately after death. The blood cor-

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unless he shows to the satisfaction of the justices before whom he is charged that he

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After introducing the subject, the author gave a brief historical

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"Whilst there he vomited a quantity of blood. In the evening several oimces

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be performed, to the consternation of the patient who was

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also idiocy, imbecility, and organic dementia resulting from

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comes on, and the patient may even, and often does,

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House," whose arm was injured by the elevator. I found the

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is rendered useless after being on the road a certain pe-

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pool found evidence of pieuro-pneumonia, and forwarded portions of the lung to the

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as they had obtained good results. After some extended use

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bacteria in the gangrenous parts, probably in the exudation liquids as

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afford the basis of the present argument has seemed to indi-

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the appearance of the disease in several of those States have been received from Her

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satisfactory examination of the abdomen by palpation, and

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vomition and great distress. The animal's respiration continued very highly accel-

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cough, expectoration, and night sweats are diminished, and the

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results in forming a dark crust which should not be disturbed but

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tee to select an Executive Committee for the ensuing year. The

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sion, rather than an opening made at the point where they

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form of epizooty, but with good care nearly every case recovered within

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to state that this is the rule in all districts. But it

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hours ; or if the disease is benignant the vesicles on this organ may not rupture at all,

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The importance of recognising the compensative function of

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