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gering hope that he would find on minute examination some microscopic differences

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stricture; fifth, marasmus, or cachexia; sixth, concomitant

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Muscogee. — Xo special disease is reported as existing among farm ani-

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far more potent than any yet described. ( Centralblat. fur Baete-

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Stoppage of the bowels is not included in this table, and

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irritation from its use, and when incision and cautery have been

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bid changes : Externally, a large slough or sore in the left corner of

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Brown's Wharf; (2) Victoria Docks ; (3) Thames Haven.

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loss of time. Besides that, the first symptoms of the disease are well

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for the hen may have been insusceptible to the disease. At the time of

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ing manner: The tip of the pig's ear was taken in the left hand, and

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canals about the vessels are more extensively filled with cells, and here and there a

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freely along with squill and bitartrate of potash. Digitalis in

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I am always ready to take my hat off to my friend Cronyn for the

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favor of using absorbable sutures could be forced upon them.

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was at right angles to the pleural surface, which was slightly thickened all over the

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percentage of lime-salts in the blood the essential lesion.

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fields, I select those which combine the most important features. I have

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and tone up the stomach, so that the people can live on to

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Although previous to the injection death seemed imminent,

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nervous in its origin, shows that anaemia can be a nervous

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solved 5 the remnants yet existing presented a granulated appearance.

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Obstruction in these cases, however, is nearly always acute.

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impossible that the same, if existing, may have interfered with a proper

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ism, then we must follow P'othergill's advice and level the

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Ethyl bromide (hydrobromic ether) is still being urged by many

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have resulted from its use; and (4) it has been legitimately

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Patiri.'.- -■■,ne:;i.j fiV'in. de'.irium ti'tniens and drunkards always

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anything, and emaciation is apparent. Pig No. 7, which, so far, has re-

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