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bread and butter, and not until the third twelve years could he
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Now, in this family was a history of seven suicides. I
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statutory enactment. It is true that boards of health have
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Sixteen years ago this spring, my friend, Dr. E. of Chittenango,
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being made toward its preservation from one season to another.
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of the disease in this county had extended over a section four or five
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severely at certain seasons from fever. But I was struck
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the expiration of twenty-eight days from the disappearance of cattle-plague or sheep-
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There seems to be little doubt about the efficiency of this agent
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since I have illustrated the effect of contiguity, of continuity,
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comes manifest. The temperature sinks to normal and con-
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this comes the very eminently plain deduction that our pro-
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enlargement of the glands of the neck on both sides, and also in
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desirous of reading aU that is known about the kala-azar
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Firozepore, off the line, it was 0*60. The heaviest
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tympanica is converted into new growths and the disease
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remarks as puhlislied in the Assam Reports and in the Indian
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cases seem to me to be worthy of being noted, although the hap-
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b. Compression by bands, cords, other loops of bowels, and
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thorities, and privileges as an inspector of a local authority has within or in relation
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respondence with Mr. Welsby was then shown me. A letter of March
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number 7 catheter, and required a whole fortnight's gradual
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from the cervix. This can be done without removing the
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incision has once been made it is advisable that the position
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really is weak and elastic. But the immersion of it in alcohol,
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of any kind ; this man was emaciated, and had an enor-
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class of farm animals in this county is swine plague. We have had
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vention of excessive fermentation takes away the irritation and
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that they either had, or would soon reach that stage of
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suiting room, when his turn came, and asked somewhat
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ment membrane; that is to say, of the branches of the bronchial artery. They
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our best commercial interests, and to lay that portion of our agricultur-
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7. Siibacute Rheumatism. — One case arose after prolonged lactation ; another was
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or sale of animals in that place, and the holding therein of any market, fair, exhibi-
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In this the lobule, which was the center of the disease, was quite homogeneous, except
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about eighteen months ago. She vomited constantly for some

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