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aphthous foot-and-mouth disease, and other kindred diseases, has led to the propriety

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the ears— in fact the ears become purple first. Every remedy that could

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strength were placed in a watch glass ; to this was added and thoroug

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We see the governor bellowing to the rich invalid through

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in scientific communication between the Old and the New

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ninth day, when its mother died. So that lambs when scarcely born are already in

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Pezzoli has used it clinically in forty-two cases of eczema in all

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of the now incarcerated loop grows less and disappears by

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matted nodular manner clear to inferior border of ribs on right

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their contents becoming absorbed, and the pellicle of epidermis covering them scaling

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dred copies for the use of the Commissioner of Agriculture.

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cases to be directly harmful and a nerve irritant. In caffein

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should be tabooed. The dauger of too great general exer-

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should be continued if both of these sensations cease. The

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during and after the heavy rain ; or, possibly, by the

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take of this kind. The killing should not be by any method which allows the escape

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tions, or questionable dressings and appliances, if such de-

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minurica with or without hemorrhages is the most common,

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The stomach has the mucous membrane of its great curvature of a very dark red, at

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always due to the fact of the vacuum running down and the rays

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tation at the knee-joint could be so performed as to save all

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We have never been called upon to investigate a case of pleuro-pneumonia. We

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recover, for accidents occur thereafter, as leakage at the line

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of the liver. Next with regard to fluxes. One of the chief is

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and grazing on low lands. Eemedy, frequent change of pasture.

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though its formation was under consideration, had not

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Fig. 7.— This figure shows the intestine after the completion of the anastomo-

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thymol, and that the giddiness, fainting, vomiting and

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ment responded almost at once. He expresses satisfaction with

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Reflexes much exaggerated. Pressure upon coccygeal region

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etic effects of diuretiu in cases of aortic disease, mitral disease,

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Commission Reports, and at page 18 of the Principal Civil

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