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a similar manner to ichthyol. Anytin, however, appeared to act
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tion the aid to prognosis afforded by the number of
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the patient became very hysterical, and I gave a hypodermic injec-
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easily compressed. Once or twice a day or oftener it be-
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face a ring of warty growths, soft, discoloured, grey. No other new
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After some remarks by the retiring president, Dr. J. E. Jan-
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Houston. — The losses caused by disease among our farm animals dur-
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an attempt or trial in that direction. I could only
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the fact that such severe symptoms, although rare, may occur.
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the aspirations of her sanitarians. If I have seemed
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1862. A boy, aged 13, had frecjuent attacks of epilepsy for
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at some point where special conditions exist opposing the
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refractory to the disease for the future. In his first experiment five
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June 10. — Temperature, ior2°. Pulse, 112. Passed a bad
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Ceylon, with results disastrous to the cooly. This state
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inestinal strangulation ought to be only a little less suc-
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This disease,* widely known as "the Texas cattle fever," although
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They are not bacteria, because the single cells are round; they can
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be followed in four hours by one pint of castor oil or one pound of epsom salts. He
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and if the outline has no marked irregularity at any point, it
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The case seems to show that while a cultivation of the virus in acid
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eases, and especially diphtheria, is being prosecuted with
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older pigs especially do not seem to react in the least upon the inocula-
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view of all the facts, it is not possible, nay, even probable, that a disease
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tion lead me to the belief that about four-fifths of the horses of the county
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medical charities as exemplified in the dispensaries and hos-
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his kindly presence, his counsel, or his sympathy. O Death !
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the forehead over the eye is aching harder than the rest,
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at the pelvic brim. Chronic constipation by forcing this por-
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in this disease are Bacillus germs or spores. All observers agree that
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suilla), twelve inches long and bent upon itself. The bile duct leading into the right
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September 28. — One dies. Three prove to be insusceptible.
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Second District, E. M. LYON, M. D., Clinton County.

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