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tho bliss prepared above for the pure in heart and the lovers of Christ.

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The patient had slight peritonitis, £rom which she recovered, to die

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and the disease to have prevailed in greatest force in the third week


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evidenc gle individual of modern times, who has attained to great or

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been employed, Dr. Begbie proposes to substitute the bromide, which

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minimal discriminative power of the cortex in regard to vibratory

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valid, now shut out from tiie joys of life and the pleasures of the world, borne down

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trustworthy evidence of blood chemistry figures in diagnosti-

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matter, which softens the brain, destroying the balance of the mind and producing

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times one hundred to three times forty and then dividing the

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from the horrors of the first French revolution, turned out to be weak, nervous,

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This cut gives a representation of a case of king's

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plexion of the patient or whether it be due to congestion. A

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a great part of the extent of the bones : the rudiments of the second set of teeth

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and even improvement in the eye secondarily attacked, after enu-

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existence of any cause other than functional overstrain has not

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When woman is in health and in full possession of her natural charms, man Ls her

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contractions, he repeats these crushings every second, third, or

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during an indefinite period of time, becoming manifest in con-

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this individual would, in all probability, not have survived.

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eye, (where they have been seen,) and in different parts and organs; but generally

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out in the cold air when covered with perspiration, because they may get sick

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by infusing in it the branches of sassafras. It is difficult to say whether the tea

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cases of aortic insufficiency which Longcope collected from the

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tages of sight. For the patient it is no loss, but rather a gain,

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bread made with sorgho {Hokus sorghum), rye, rice, or wheat,

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are easy circumstances, an active life in the open air. and regular general exercise.

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and moreover he may almost always reckon upon the hostility^

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thalami, the corpora striata, the corpora quadrigemina, and the

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Two types of nephrotomy deserve consideration in this con-

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and 80.9 per cent, under fifty, 30.1 per cent, of his cases were

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; and beautiful figure, in such a remarkably short time, that the friends of the

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the tropics, which quickly decomposes all dead animal matters, meagre food and

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