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August 5. — Death from over-exertion in hot weather.
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the left eye. It is evident that in the case of the radiograph these
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Respectfully returned to the Commissioners, District of Columbia, with the follow-
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seconds. The only instruments requisite are a scalpel and
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uable, coming from a trained alienist, and one who has made
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rowing x>owers vested in them under this act, may, if they think fit, give as securit
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Physician and Lecturer on Pathology, St. Mary's Hospital ; Assistant-Physi-
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(1.) He may apprehend any person found committing an offense against the rules of
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weigh thoroughly these points in his mind before deciding upon
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ment, or a brain disease in very early life, (c) senile
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and its points of difierence have been given special notice. At a
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was rather of the old school of practice, and was more inclined to
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needles, knives, forks, spoons, hair, strings, sticks, nails,
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To show the scientific value of the vaunted experience at
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stretched forever, for a dime, a dollar, or an endowment.
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privy council in pursuance of regulations 2 of the fourth schedule to the act of 18( 9.
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obtained the design from a Surgery published about forty years
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" The disease most prevalent among cattle is murrain. It is characterized by small
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blood of the liver of Mr. Monahan's cow (see drawing No. I), but only
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they bathe, wash their clothes, and get drinking water
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green slate colour, which penetrates within for a few lines. A
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noon he passed one knife by stool, and on the next day two more,
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into a goblet and subject it to an anxious and critical inspec-
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The experiments under this head were conducted, as stated above, in
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plague, is always followed by a comparatively milder form of that
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depending upon the same cause. Hypodermatic injections of
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found to act favorably with this agent, and often where its anti-
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tion. There are the laxus, which grows fat in old age, and
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this fact, the comparative iufrecjuency of tertian and
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work on diseases of women. It appears that after the applica-
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to leave them severely alone, to work out their own salvation
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conclusion can generally be arrived at as to its cause, though, of
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them ; nor even under ordinaiy circumstances do we find kreatin,

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