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Dr. M. J. Chevalier reports a little different account of its action,

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last winter he had operated upon a rather neuropathic patient for

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then, are the pathogenic agent, we cannot expect a weaker solution than 2 per cent,

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with old railway rails, and iron footplates over the

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has no tendency to produce diarrhoea, which other like agents

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of necessity be extremely unsatisfactory. For instance, the spherical

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but not in an epidemic form. Losses occasionally occur from catarrh

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other rate shall apply, notwithstanding that the whole of such rate, or any part there-

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suffering from a mild form of epizooty. Diseases prevail among hogs,

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are not justified in designating as typhoid fever cases

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infection. That I have succeeded in securing such protection it is per-

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The interesting features of the first case were —

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civilized communities ; but we suppose, since the surgeon

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These Ceylon numbers I am aware are comparatively email

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Brief Comments on the Materia Medica, Pharmacy, and Therapeu-

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but if, on the other hand, it is empty or only moderately

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to a condition that will not support respiration. If, therefore, the pig

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the lungs extensively hepatized. The blood, before and after death,

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Three Hundred and Thirty-seven Cases. By James O. Hunt,

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The guttural and parotid lymphatic glands are two or three times their natural size,

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have recovered without such treatment, but the rapid gain in

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J ehangir. In the earlier days of the Company, and, in

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patient was left in a very weak state, extremely emaciated. The

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of three gentlemen of undoubted authority in veterinary science, the three principals

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impending demise, and the cerebral reflexes begin to add to

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It is daily becoming more apparent to those of our profes-

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that had been inoculated with the small dose. The others suffered from slight dull-

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those lords and others, or any two or more of them.

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and physiology of organic action which reveals the cause of

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hogs were dying of cholera on his farm near the city, and kindly gave

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fourths of an inch thick, ten inches long, and weighing one

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lished a prescription of the physician is responsible for the evils

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villagers the sources and media of contagion, and urged

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agent in the matter) is given by the intending plaintiff Or prosecutor to the intended

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