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of^beef. The wound healed perfectly, but the patient sank

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promulgation of the great truths of the science, and, as far as possi-

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facts that the child was dead, (as evidenced by the prolapsed and

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the practical ? The great utility of clinical instruction consists chiefly

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form of forceps can then generally be introduced for

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ness for washing — decomposing soap. In letting such waters

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But if four drops of a diluted tincture containing six-tenths of

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it will always remain visible, and when light is trans-

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course of treatment for its cure, my mind naturally led to the use of the

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No. 15. Chloroform Vapovr in the insertion of an Issue. (By

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visitor. He concluded by moving the cordial thanks of the assem-

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the brain, spinal cord or ganglionic centre, and there give

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Successful Removal of loth Ovaries. — A case is reported in which both

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beautiful radiation of muscular contraction occurred, having its

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ever conceived in reference to its organization. It is true that re-

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little inclined to do, in case of such a brave patient, who is willing to en-

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As yet, no reference has been had to the tongue, as an index in

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Chemistry has demonstrated that roasted meat owes its peculiar

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rical in the last The cells are shortened very considerably, and

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Eratta — For October No., page 459, nineteenth line from top,

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scrofulous, or tuberculous diathesis, has its primary existence

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notice by de Haen, of Vienna, which had its advocates ; but its

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and, when employed in moderation, is wholesome to the sound

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Another very important part of Dietetics is to adapt the di-

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experiments, it has been shown that muscular contraction,

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The author has given us an interesting and valuable mono-

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of the os uteri. Glycerne appears to be a rising star.

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formation, or cell growth, as well as imperfectly elaborated

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These four general propositions might be laid down in re-

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answering all the purposes of ordinary milk, even to the making of butter.

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per ounce, possesses a very sensible solvent power, so that it

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On the 10th of February, at the morning visit, he appeared more cheer-

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the plant by means of " Zoospores ;" the subdivided portions of

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them unable to discover any fracture. After a few days had

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This experiment, repeated with care, would afford the means of

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" Ulceration of the cervix uteri may be treated with more certainty and

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the reflex conductor, in all the known machinery of the nerv-

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Very soon after the discovery of its physiological effects, I was

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