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and tender, and the facial lineaments often changed beyond recognition.

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tion in several cases, in which there followed disappearance of the

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mishrandini; i>\' propriciary medicines, and the ]nddicalion of

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tible in a room for some feet around. Now, the amount of

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serious acute diseases. The lesson of history, presented by cold bathing

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Cornell Experiment Station, has given us some good points

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of connective tissue around the focus of infection. Anything

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a pickle, or put up with sugar as a preserve; neither is of

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a slight muco-purulent expectoration. Laryngoscopic examinations may

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crease of nitrogen elimination was observed on the second bath day,

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predisposition to the disease, as 371 out of 800 cases occurred in 152

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known for some time lliaf such biii;iis ciil!('iie-i exisled. Imf there

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glands also become implicated, and may excite lung tuberculosis.

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cose, flour, and clay can make a sugar to be sold as cane-

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strates what may be accomplished at the patient's home. I will not

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There is only one thing galling to the American as he looks

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Madeira, so far as medicine is concerned, is a passed wine,

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latter in the entire skin. The tension of the skin produced by this

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standard cultures of the I!. Hulgaricus. It is then placed in a

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(gr. ij — 0.129), or acetanilid (gr. ij — 0.129), the former being preferred,

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probably do. The dwelling section of San Francisco is a

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page 101), followed by hip baths (75 c ) for five to fifteen minutes, with

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delicate women drink it thus without the least repugnance.

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medical opinion favors its use as a temperature-reducing agent — viz., for

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Dog; morphine; slight ether. Manometer, left femoral; kymo-

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he removed an ovarian cyst from a diabetic, followed by re-

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large bowel is exceedingly rare. Exceptionally, the appendix is the

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cripple Doctor ilacphail's journal, and help their own. They are,

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