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will speedily pass into the state- of complete obstruction with

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Telegram from Consul- Gemral Archibald to the Marquis of Salisbury.

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produce better results and are important indications toward

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fuse discharge of a yellowish-colored, more or less tenacious fluid, which occludes the

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taking the pills for a few days and then to begin again, being

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schizophy ta3 of swine plague disappear with appearance of — : . 183

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"buildings contiguous thereto in the same occupation, shall become and he an infected

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one of poisoning of the nerve centers, with the production of

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act upon the blood. Further, the morbid changes in the lungs, in the

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ously injected, the extreme limit of dose should be one-sixteenth

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have just had placed in my hands the Report for 1893

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the last few months. On admission the face was puffy and lips

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disease, specifying the disease and the ports from which and to which such animals

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resistance incurred by repeated attacks of the disease, and

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the absence of catarrhal and digestive disorders, the occur-

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3. The vaso-nervous theory of Mayor, reiterated by Hoff-

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breasts, together with loss of appetite. After the administration of

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frontal throbbing is complained of, and then to stop, as too

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The same gentleman has succeeded in obtaining a mitigated form of

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there will be diflBculty in getting the solution to flow into the

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of demonstrating its action upon an organ. The muscle is

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produces strangulation of a loop of the intestine, whereby its

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the test of time ? I believe thoroughly in the use of agents

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3d. It does away with the necessity for an exhaustive disinfection

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results of his demonstration will be found in the Centralhlatt fur

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Sometimes the collapse is isolated, invading but small portions of the lungs. This con-

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And now, as the determination of this question, one way or the other, is a matter of

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its fatal power'. This was still further supported by the observation

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outspoken in expressing his opinion of the worthlessness of the

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Death may occur gradually, by asphyxia, from an overdose, or

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Her Majesty's customs are on each occasion satisfied as aforesaid; and the twevle

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known. It is evident that the critical period is that of the

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of the patient to pass either faeces or gas. Symptoms that

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the chief cholera seasou is quite early, in the hot

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months later when they had been subjected to the hypodermic injection

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is slightly adherent to the ribs; but the lung itself is only to a very slight extent in-

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ing so that a little sleep might be secured, every second night he

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