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remained without effect, probably because the animal had a very slight

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May 12. — Temperature, 103-9°. ^^^^ ii^^o a bath for fifteen

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known to end fatally, by causing extensive disease of surround-

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bodies, which together weighed sixteen ounces, when

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supervention of pneumonia or delirum tremens, is no more to

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time its condition appeared serious; yet the animal completely recovered before the

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ing the virus of fowl cholera. These experiments proved that the

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patients that their sight has been helped by the treatment.

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In cases of septicaemia the blood-making organs thus get

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in the morning. The tincture of gelsemium may be given

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which normally aid the pulmonary circulation, and to arrestment of the blood-flow,

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large intestine: stricture, simple and malignant; bending

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at a rapid rale of swine plague, and many sheep are lost by rot. Chicken

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To-day cable news has been received in this city that a cargo of live cattle from

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blastoderm are the only ones which take part in the forma-

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produces the hypertrophy of the left ventricle so constantly

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Symptoms. — The animal was lying down in an unnatural position, the

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The precautions to be taken are these : the lateral inci-

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dom gas has passed at micturition and the patient firmly believed

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A morning paper in this city made a sensational report of this matter, heading the

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that, if interpreted, can only be interpreted in favour of

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These conditions depend on, ist, venous congestion, such as is

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bladder, she has a frequent desire to empty it, and finds it incon-

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sputum is rarely seen in our wards. They sometimes occur as

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Rickets is found in every part of the known world, but is

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inoculated civil inhabitants ; to others such a record

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I. M. S., Bareilly ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 361—365

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live in the century that can be credited with so great

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lation, return a greater aggregate number of deaths.

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coolies they would require to ensure that they were

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