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the cessation of the epidemic after a heavy downfall of

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saint had reached a similar decision in regard to anthrax ; and that of

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Now in the parts of India where my lines have fallen

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The wound in the Sister's hand, which had penetrated the skin,

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very striking illustration of this. The disease that year

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elevation directly continuous above with the shafts of the radius

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tion in pork infusion inoculated from a fermenting infusion of maize, the

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still larger experience has left my views unchanged. Since

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goes out by a finger or a toe. Nearly every family takes a

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ical r^oisonous product it may generate, and thus to its own special

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With the carbolic-acid treatment it is different. In some of the ani-

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He points out that the behavior of the patient is sugges-

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are allowed to go inland on the hoof without any further restriction. In

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New Orleans and in a number of other cities in the South is the

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which these waste products temporarily accumulate before being

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the night he vomited the contents of the stomach and some bile,

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the stomach as surely as water flows down hill. Observe

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senile cataract, there is not a progressive loss of vision.

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reported, but this disease has measurably disappeared during the past

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0. Animals landed from a vessel shall, on a certificate of an inspector appoiuted by

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Manoury, after having made an autopsy, a sheep spontaneously dead from charbon.

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Leale, Charles A., 604 Madison Ave., New York, New York Co.

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move with it, and be capable of being replaced. If, however,

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treatment of chlorosis and anaemia, in anorexia existing among

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toms are noticed. The yellow coloration of the urates in the excrement

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prejudice and difficulty, see distant slopes of a sanitary

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inner sides of the fore and hind limbs, the outer side of the shoulder, and the peri-

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cholera patient commas are found which do not liquefy

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ports of the United States, and, as it was not in the interest of the owners to ship

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are frequently attacked by an unknown disease, and soon die. Foot-rot

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from the abdominal cavity and the pedicle ligated. On opening,

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Bagg, Moses M., Utica, Oneida Co. Original. (Retired list.)

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pected lesions were in the thoracic or cranial cavity.

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It must be apparent that many of the objections to wooden piggeries

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a complete license, or an instrument untruly purporting or appearing to be a license,

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