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in the operating yards and buildings will be of the utmost value. So
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pneumonia contagiosa is, after all, not so distinctive in its appearance
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nipple. The mutilation is so extreme, the operation so con-
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Laird, William R., 98 Wall St., Auburn, Cayuga Co. Original.
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organ. This is the essential of old age. The liver is called
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panying pains, until her condition has become such that hystero-
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The inspector called on me first on his way to Washington (18th instant) ; again on
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April 24. — First symptoms of a mild attack of swine plague.
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sionally signs of collapse. Often when diuretin alone does not
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material, aud around this another dark red ring gradually shading off into the hue of
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sum up, two weeks or fifteen days seem to be the utmost limit, and six
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though the homogeneous bioplasm was so transparent as to be generally
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were isolated readily enough, though owing to press of
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which, while reference is made to the act of the legislature of last year respecting in-
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so, it only enhanced a reputation which was already high in
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skin and whole and healthy respiratory organs, because if such should
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Liverpool," and will be referred to as the Victoria lung.
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Case XV. — Strangulation of the ileum in an aperture in the
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microbe that has a similarity to it. It was, however,
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use for nearly all operations at St. Bartholomew's Hospital. Its
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Brgde.-Surgn.-Lt.-Col. G. King, m.b., f.r.s., f.l.s., ll.d.,
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the patient a chronic intestinal obstruction? second. What is
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a disappearance of the disease is to place the animals in conditiou favorable to the
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described. The operation was a long one, yet only nine ounces of
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county during the year at $45,000. A good many horses and cattle
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respectfully suggest that in fairness to the great interests of the United
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temporal, posterior, auricular, or occipital nerves are affected.
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noticed. Since Dr. Addison's time, many cases of what he
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its posterior margin is felt about 2J inches from the vertebral
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qu'ils m'ont menage I'lionneur de porter la parole en
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intention is to call your notice to a subject that is approved
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enough on hand for Dr. F. Mays to experiment with. He now
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pulse, with other symptoms of collapse. The temperature was
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and this condition at once suggests relief by local dej)letion.

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