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from w r hat I have seen, that such a result is very much more likely

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by a system of muscular training, patiently practised, the integrity of his

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from repeated exposure or hemorrhoidal excrescences, Monro

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let controverting the views of Keber, and then with one fully con-

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ble, waste, decay and disintegration are the results. Then

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ble extent was removed, the fibrous membrane not being included j

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been making with bromide of potassium. He found that by taking ten

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He had a fancy for grave-yards at so much a square foot, embracing Balti-

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is mere waste of time, for by an operation properly performed

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In all the past history of our profession, just such a work from the pen

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Philadelphia : Blanchard & Lea. 1855. 8vo., pp. 525. (For sale by

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light and electricity produce contractions of it immediately.

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power to direct the thoughts. The sense which is evei - t in mental

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treatment; retroversion, antiversion and prolapsus vesicae, and the

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years, reduced to less than three per centum, including one case

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Address of Zina Pitcher, M. D.' President of the American Med-

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resistance made by the blood to the fingers, or to whatever

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ment, and to the anaemic, chlorotic appearance of the patient, that

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markable that important structures, such as the great

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child presented by the feet at her first confinement. The midwife and two

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ry consequence, proves himself to be a "medical know nothing" in his relation

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" The properties of life are the fundamental cause of all

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thousands of physicians in the United States, for few men have

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the linea alba. In forty days the wound healed. In spite of the danger

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Retention of urine was present in six cases, and incontinence

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the lens. The displacement may be partial or complete.

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About eight weeks ago, a stout athletic young man was caught by

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after, the head became well engaged in the superior strait —

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to the interests of the profession. But we have now so many excellent text

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of sympathetic mischief may be diminished by dividing

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. Three pads, and two steel splints or " artificial clavicles"

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Course. The insidious nature of the onset is one of

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