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stimulate the skin and bring out the rash of scarlet fever. It is useful
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moral sense deteriorates, the conception of duty, honor and justice
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drugs are most marked no improvement is to be looked for from day
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from masses of merely calcified tissue. In the examination of abar-
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of the kidney constantly increasing in size in which place sooner or
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pound tincture of benzoin will be found useful. The fumes of nitre
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temperature in the early part of the day, and a rise of two or three
rise to diseases of the stomach and intestines. It foUow^s that we
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The bile out of place creates much general disturbance. The
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" It is just a 3'ear since you pre8cril)ed the salicin for me. I
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perceptible, re8i)irations 20, temperature 99.6°. Has had eighteen
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wart does not appear to be destroyed thoroughly. Several applica-
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passed a good night, waking only once. Pain is gone, only stiffness
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cases of diabetes, a fact that, in \iew of the wide dissemination of
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common in young people. Applying the same reasoning to the case
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health. It is to be regarded as a symptom of some disease rather
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of articular crises, the lack of exercise often leads to the development
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the " Medical and Philosophical Journal and Review."
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lished, in the absence of further evidence in its support from the side
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restrained and kept within physiological bounds by the inhibiting
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nents ; and the newly appointed members believed that
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if not in all cases to an extension to the muscles of a prior inflamma-
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We will content ourselves with this brief description of the kid-
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eggs contained in one of these segments are in any way able to
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affection of the eyes. The knee never recovered comx)letely, and a
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quarters, where the rooms are small and receive but little sunlight,
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of the blood is much disturbed. It is driven inward, and with every
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importance to the mode of application, whether on the uncovered
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made b^^ Frerichs, who found that " stall-fed horses and oxen, lead-
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The interior of the eyeball contains fluid material and a double
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How far the facts will bear out Unna's views, which would be
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eties of this injury. It can usually be reduced by skillful manipula-
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tongue moist and furred ; urine scanty, high colored, and loaded with
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rheumatism we saw that the muscles participated in the morbid
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From these observations, then, it appears that a nitrogenous diet
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regarded. Naturally, in order to find the degree in which the sugar
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to 60 per cent., sometimes of only 5 to 10 per cent. — even making
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as glycogen. This is considered the most important function of the
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two soft-boiled eggs or thirty to forty grams meat, cold or freshly
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of a cardiac stimulant. In manj^ instances laxatives are required.
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Plomljieres, Buxton, Bath, and the Arkansas Hot Springs, contain
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or the application of a hot-water bag over the heart region may abbre-
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such as hemiplegia, aphasia, hemianopsia, and localized convulsions
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Such groups of muscles are termed antagonists. The muscles which
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lar in their bowels, a few have a tendency' to diarrhoea, and many
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damage done to the spinal cord or marrow. When this is severe the

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