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what dry and technical, could be made more interesting

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or cultivations of the comma bacillus ? It must be some form

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in a place where cholera existed, one year and six days

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The chief disease affecting cattle in this section of Virginia is a very singular one,

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Sphysrmogxaph. By A. L. Galabix, M.A., M.D., Fellow of Trinity College,

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Inasmuch as the intravenous method is regarded as a for-

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Case VII. — This case occurred in the practice of Dr. M. Dantes

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Washington. — Texas fever has visited some herds of cattle in this

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stipation, yellow fever, influenza, and chronic jaundice ; and a

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taken for cases of the continued fever of our towns.

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of evidence is necessary to demonstrate their pathogenic action. The

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ing the nervous system, causing drowsiness and relaxing

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Tube No. 26: 1 to 1,000. Liquid turbid; no membrane; slight deposit. Contains

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veins ; in other words, it is the excess of fluid which has filtered

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No reliance can be placed on other than mechanical means

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fered with foot-rot and scab, while in some sections of the county the

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in the treatment of leprosy during the past year by antileprous

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series of chronic cases, in both of which he noted that creosote

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Old age, then, begins in primary cell elements. After a

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per can be cured, but dropsy of the heart has as yet met with no remedy,

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but the conditions were different. As to the prevention of tuber-

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combination with ether by Clover's apparatus by the anaesthetists,

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servers. The first supposition is doubtful because of the similarity of

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He claims to have made over 500 injections, all of which showed

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itself sufficient to encourage the very form of abuse of which

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Chapman's ice bag (frozen water being used for ice),

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blood from a recently executed criminal, were considered

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vital statistics, and regulating, under the advice and

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and is dependent upon the assiduity of the surgeon, the in-

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