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gers. The former affection is very mild, but the latter kills almost every
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kept a most lively lookout for any cases of the disease within their State,
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warned to keep quiet, to abstain from eating and drinking to
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quarantine," and obliged to turn back, and they were repeatedly obliged to go back
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in which one of the bodies was still unremoved. The
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Marion. — The epizooty, in a mild form, is prevailing among our horses.
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being rapidly absorbed by the dentist of to-day, who, if
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quickly sealed. Made in this way, the tube when sealed contains super-
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a few days, and virus dried before such granules could have possibly
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targol containing from 5 to 10 per cent, into the cervix, and after
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excrescence of dentine growing from the side of the pulp cavity,
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ment was declined by shippers on their view that British regulations did not require
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It is thought of sufficient value to be worthy of official recogni-
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instrument has entered the lumen it is apt to make a second
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faction before spores have had time to develop destroys the virus. A
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by using a sheet of aluminum which had been connected to the
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convalescent patients after a very severe illness. Again, in cases
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the group, with the advantage that it is sometimes effectual where
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but if, on the other hand, it is empty or only moderately
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that practically no irritation results when it is used as an anti-
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James City. — Hogs and fowls in this county are suffering with the so-
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foot. The caecum and colon Gontain a few whip- worms (Tricocephahis dispar).
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he lived a regular life as to meals and the functions of
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disease than a natural infection or an inoculation with, material directly
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presenting themselves as ulcerous tumors, projecting like knobs or but-
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for this reason the considerate attention of Congress is respectfully asked to this im-
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distorted in form and break up into globular particles. The leucocyte
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The right heart and large veins contain large clots of a very dark color.
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was not repeated at suitable times. In the case of positive results
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found it quite impossible to prolong the narcosis indefinitely, and
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