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one cubic centimeter of virus made into a one-half per cent, solution of
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this was qnite red, clotted firmly without bufty coat, and was long in
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Hospital with inflammatory oedema of the fauces. An incision was made in
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has given attention to the disease. We have long been
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The body heat is the form of energy produced in and lost
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of by fai the most important source of instruction, namely,
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expositions of renal disease, with himself as the subject. How
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want to fight and to conquer an enemy, we must first know the same ;
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find any animal affected with foot-and-mouth disease.
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tificate of the inspector for any purpose of this act.
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after a treatment of from six to eight months, so that a perfect
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Inoculated with peritoneal exudate o f a pig k jlled
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Clinical Medicine — Dr. Black, Dr. Andrew, Dr. Souther,
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Of the large bacilli, not more than an average of two in three fields
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section was performed. General fibrinous peritonitis with a
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Mr. Mills showed a very convenient apparatus for adminis-
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piece of sheet caoutchouc tightly over the top. They were then heated to 87.8° C.
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microbe from one of these wells (that at Singar Grhat)
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Intestinal vermin, hog cholera, so called, often due to ] 43
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on one that they bear an intimate and indeed causal
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It is not practicable to specify all the causes which are
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Under good conditions of hygiene and careful nursing, this fever runs
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six quarts of water, and as the acid costs but 15 to 20 cents per pound
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contains two dermoid cysts. As a rule dermoid cysts are
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ease of the heart were grouped two distinct classes of cases.
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the introduction of railways have no effect upon it.
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Carr, William, 35 W. 46th St., New York, New York Co.
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ator and not of the operation. In a large and exacting hos-
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. . i^ . . (N . . (M r-1 O T 1-^ O . ^^ CM 1— 1— O •T' Tl I— . r^ -M lO .
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therefore, not commenced, and two days had been allowed for the de-
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JOHN G. OETON, M. D., Broome County, Third District.
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doses produced little effect upon the system of the animals.
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3. Total suppression of urine on two occasions for forty-eight
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removes what is left of the salve. A report on results in variola is

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