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against cobra venom would have a diminished value against the

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60. Every local authority shall cause every horse or animal that has died of glan-

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animal tissues other than the thyroid gland may produce an intoxi-

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closely impacted give rise to ulceration and fatal abscess.

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The weight of experiment is, consequently, very much in favor of the

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arteries generally were atheromatous. Pleuro-pneumoaia in an

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device had been good, yet no one was quite satisfied. Personally,

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A diagnosis may be made by an X-ray examination alone in cer-

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The immorality and injustice of hospitals arid dispensaries in

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one and only cause of consumption. This he did in 1882,

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apparently is a stable solution which he finds to be free from dan-

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neighbor's hogs are suffering with this disease mine are healthy, and

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perhaps standing and leaning upon the back of a chair, or

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were not found in 44, i.e., in 81'4 per cent. Of the wells

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and treated, and pit latrines should be constructed,

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feeding generally of his own raising on his farm near Lougwood anywhere from four

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passes off, the temperature becomes normal, and the storm is pre-

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next point to be determined was as to whether the malady had been

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dyspnoea caused by the hydrothorax. The only other symptom

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Dr. W. S. Hedley of Mansfield street, London, W., has written

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of retinal heraorrhage of pregnancy, all of which recovered

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devitalized blood in swine plague, advantages of . 144

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In the appendix an account is given of the number of cattle affected with pleuro-

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animals in this county, not even hog cholera, which prevailed here so

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the milk from each cow suspected, but for obvious reasons

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increase. Little that is new has been discovered concerning the

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averted leads to resort to the stimulants His temperature for

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Various salts have been used, and the plan of injecting with

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generally absorbed and the parts usually relapsed into the

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Cholera among hogs generally proves fatal. Many of these animals

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of his own investigations, has been obliged to read all that has

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