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reported in the journals during the past year, it would seem

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edy for debility of every kind." — National Dispensatory. " In

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festations disappeared. {Bulletin GenSral de ThSrapeutique, Vol.

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but to decide at what time it shall be done. The physician

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this single symptom as it would be to say what the indica-

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p. M. Braidttood, M.D., Surgeon to the Wirral Hospital for Sick Children. 2a. 6d.

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except in the evening, when the three together consumed half a hand-

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pump and exhaust. The mechanical manipulation is best

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a very dark (carbonized) color, tiD it had been exposed to the air for

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Roth, Julius A., 308 E. 79th St., New York, New York Co.

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21, 1880. (The one not traced was from the cargo of the steamer Iberian,

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were left there on purpose, because I expected to get more pigs,

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the conditions for the actual contamination of the well-

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noises which might very well have been mistaken for a dog's

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farm animals in this county, except among hogs. The disease affecting

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Health. It is here that the non-professional student

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possessed by anytin opens a new field, not only in medicine, but

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The man, on the other hand, received four doses of antitoxin (1 in

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ernor is impassive, serene, and happy. No doubt his happi-

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reversed or modified in its combinations with others, and

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motor constrictor, less of a nauseant, less apt to diminish the

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a hole in the front wall of the frontal sinus in a skull, it will

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the bran culture was dangerous in all cases, and that even immunity

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hypertrophy of the left ventricle is able to overcome the impedi-

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viscera may thus be overlooked, so that it seems wise to

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The chief disease affecting cattle in this section of Virginia is a very singular one,

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June 20, 1894. R. V. =: ^. L. Y. = -^\. Eeads Jseger No. 2

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coughed-up pieces of branches of the pulmonary vessels. As he

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I have only to add that the uterus returned to its normal size,

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