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The percentage of solid constituents in the urine is, of course, trifling.

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£3 3s. For each course of Practical Anatomy, £2 28. Summer ses-

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Ai. The correct answer is "d. Mi excellent source of vitamins A and D

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rate the ataxia and, consequently also, the standing with the feet closely ap-

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courses of three months each upon Medical Jurisprudence, and one

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sory, paraplegia of the legs. Cutaneous and tendon reflexes in the legs dimin-

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Food Preservation - Study Guide and Workbook Page 34A

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the Hospital after the physicians and surgeons have left it without

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suffer from nervous headache in consequence of excessive mental strain and

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Colonial Scholarships. — The candidate who heads the list at the

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annually appointed for the out-patients. Two hospital Registrars, with

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date not later than three months after the close of the final examina-

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30. Nicotin (Smoking; Tobacco Juice; Tobacco Enemata). — (1) Acute:

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rosis of the pancreatic artery and the consequent disturbances of that organ

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exclusively present, we use the anode for the exciting pole. The other pole is

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tion. The Second examination embraces : Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics

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^ectioQs seldom or never observed in this country, all the important

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certain adndssioiL fees, diiSering at different colleges. The matricn-

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y'^LT Jl concern about ratJips- contml. The i R.ter

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it from the angioplasty form of infantilism due to defective development

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JjaUn, Greek, and Elementary MathemaUcs as specified above. It is

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and atrophy are always to be seen in the ganglion cells themselves. In addi-

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foundation of gout ; we refer to lead. We are absolutely certain that persons

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other hand, the operative treatment of spina bifida is attended with many dan-

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^^I^^^^^^ ^^"^^ quest1<»)s on the classification and maniifacture of,

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^method proves to.%e the most bracjtcal means of control. Military working «togs are

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first called to his slight and infrequent pains by direct questioning; but in

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Masciocchi, Thomas Anthony, a, w, sp, Orange, N.J. A.B. (Johns Hopkins U.) '34.

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It is, furthermore, by no means rare that patients with organic diseases

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latter disease was, in fact, formerly confused with multiple neuritis, but a

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raises his hand to his head, sighs, and yawns; gradually the intellect clears

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Massover. Alfred Jacob, a, w, sp, Chicago. S.B. '36.

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infra). The disturbance of the sensibility to pain is more marked. A blunt-

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Domestic animals, except swine, are poisoned by being fed on bad corn.

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