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ing that such animals or articles are beingmoved or carried in contravention as afore-
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Empirical work in medicine is demoralizing. It leads us
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sinus is more frequently involved in acute processes than is
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incidence is traceable in certain localities. In reference
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its potency increased. — This I had found to be the case when experi-
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enlargement of the spleen ; case 4 had slight ansemia,
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may have contributed a great deal to the favorable results of the treat-
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we decide, therefore, whether a patient is suffering from
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continue for several weeks without complication except,
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another thing, viz., that swine plague can be communicated, and that
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have been deluded in this matter, does it not become our im-
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the further analogy exists that the diverticulum may fail to
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uterus must undergo great and important changes. In fact, its
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may yet remain. Animals which have come in contact with those
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Ashland. — The only contagious diseases prevalent among farm animals
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than forty-eight hours.** This suggests that there is a wide difference
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remittent fever in the existence of amoebce in different
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It is reported that a one per cent, solution of formaldehyde,
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crowded with pilgrims for weeks before and after this
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dead, and 104 cattle, 45 sheep, and 81 swine were so much injured that it was neces-
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a doubt. In one instance, Hare injected 40 cc. of air into the
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The anaesthetic was administered, dilation accomplished, and a
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Transformation of Bacillus subtilis to B. anthracis, and vice versa 118
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of the treatment was carried out during the winter months, when
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superior border, and temporarily secured with a clamp. On
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charity ; the donations and bequests that have made them
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though mild, resembling in all main features cholera,
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issues is at once touched to the cover glass, which is handled with
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The number is considerable, and far in excess of the total number of cases of the dis-
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axiom that whosoever thinks most highly of his profession will by

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