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For a long time these experiments bore little fruit. At length Behring

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most true, that much the largest portion pass through this ordeal, and the

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there is evidence to show that this enzyme plays a direct and important

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contained other bacilli besides. By examining animals at various

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(2) Invertin, an enzyme capable of changing cane sugar into dextrose,

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slowly absorbed from the stomach and so quickly removed from the tis-

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Virchow's Archiv, c\7i. ^11.— 28. Adenot. Des meningites microbiennes. Paris, 1890.

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against minimal doses of bacteria, and perhaps there is no infective

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pain. Yet even in such a case laparotomy can scarcely be advisable, as

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This general survey of the response to injury throughout the animal

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Sept. 15, 1894. — 10. Dr. John Marriott of Northampton. Brit. Med. Journal, Jane

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eight hours." When a smaller dose is employed the effects are similar

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