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annually lost by cholera. But few of those attacked recover.
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bismuth oxy-iodo-methyl-gallol. As will be seen it results from
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hernia is the beginning of genuine success in the cure of
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become engorged with blood, so that on transverse section they appear like little cavi-
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very limited supply of air and the retardation of putrefaction afford
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manding general was incapacitated and unable to properly
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^lioroscopic Ibrwesti<5 a.tio:n.s "by D.E . Sa.rxn.oxL. D.Y.Al. Plate I.
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In endeavoring to form a diagnosis of the trouble which affected these
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Buehner started in the same- field, and has not only succeeded in
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was his habit to reduce theories to a practice before accepting the
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ease confess that they have never once tried it, and that this
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7th. A pig (No 5, present report) was inoculated with infected urine
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latter fact has led me to think that it may be possible to produce future
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actions peculiarly its own. The germ being a living organism, with
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Drs. Henry Beates, L. J. Hammond, and H. A, Hare also took
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plained before, might be an excuse for the error in diagnosis.
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Sir : I have the honor to submit a report of experiments on swine
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ยง Jour. Roy. Mic. Soc., 1880, p. 411, from Comptes Rendus, lxxxix, 573.
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tongue among cattle, cholera among hogs, rot among sheep, and cholera
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cases, as it were, the earth about the cadaver is tainted with the blood. Besides, sev-
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pulae at the wrist is never lost, though it turns feeble
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the bacillus are in vogue, but the following is useful in diag-
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ii I need not dilate on the reasons for the welcome
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From Canada there were received 48,103 cattle, 78,074 sheep, G71
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better execution of this act, or for the purpose of in any manner preventing the
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longed two or three weeks. In such cases the animal becomes greatly
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