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epidemic of 1909. Flexner has suggested that the infection may take place

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shows unmistakably that the nervous system is abnormally vulnerable to ex-

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Medica and Chemistry. The Perevra Prize of £5 is open to students

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and rough — symptoms which depend upon a defective innervation of the vocal

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the upright position. On standing, the trunk sinks backward, so that a plum-

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show that their ideas are extravagant, visionary, and unreasonable. They take

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i. and ii. In Latin and Greek, questions will be given on grammar.

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in twenty-four hours was more than 24/ pounds (gm. 1,000). The percentage

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one another in many places, where some fibers have wholly disappeared, by a

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terior column of the cord on the same side. From the lateral column or the

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tation of the field of vision, and the beginning atrophy of the optic nerve can

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lepsy. Lastly, it is to be noted that the well-known symptoms of acute quinin,

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The subjects of Obstetrics and Gynecology are taught in the Junior and Senior years

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as follows: Summer, miscellaneous lectures; Autumn, diseases of the chest and heart;

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the affection of these glands was only rarely recognized by percussion, or

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glands also are not infrequently diseased, even if they can only exceptionally

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graduation must lodge with the Professor of Medicine the following

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particularly if the joints present permanent lesions, the warmer baths are

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In cases in which no institution is named, it is understood to mean that the student began his college

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culiar excitability and the faradic and galvanic excitability of the nerves

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which are equivalent to those obtained in tne vat method with a heat process of at least

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extremities. The muscles of the trunk are also affected at the same time as,

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are to be followed In the 1nsi»ct1<m of fresh fruit and veget^les tfcat are used to su|»ply

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In mania, however, the confusion is more apparent than real, and is due to

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out in ataxic patients. Much weight in regard to [etiology was formerly

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Stu^ Quides. ktorkbookSr Pff»ift»»8d Tftxts H^t^U ftftt training

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Those, howeveer, who have acquired the degree of M.D. in any of the foreign

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teachers consider he has a good chance of passing, and in the majority

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an implication of the lateral columns. Since, furthermore, in transverse mye-

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vertigo, headache, vomiting, and sometimes epileptiform convulsions.

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anode of a constant current on the affected nerve trunk over as great an extent

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Provided he passed his examination for Staff-Surgeon while under

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