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Middlesbrough, Keighley, York, \Yakefield, and Bradford, thelatter witb


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docardial soxmd is a valuable sign of pericardial effusion. The friction

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In conditions of true movable kidney the whole organ may thus be

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calcium produces is almost annulled, and we no longer see the

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infection of malaria is caused by one only out of 125 species of mos-

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voided a very large quantity. These patients are often thirsty, but

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served to discredit its use, and the claim was made that we had no

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suiHcient. Equally unsatisfactory is the evidence brouglit

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of the less frequented valleys on the southern slopes of the

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" seldom spoke in public, but when circumstances necessi-

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disease. On the other hand, I declined the lucrative office of deputy

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factors involved, those who have to deal with fever cases, and

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membered readily when we would distinguish to which of them the

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tion of hard cataract read J. 2. Unchecked both cases would

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.all infections except the Bubonic plague. Tuberculosis is accurately

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General should be obligatory, and that it should be illegal to

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It avoids the difficulties attaching to a formal inquiry into

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Graves' disease cannot be termed a febrile complaint; and hence

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The patient was a primipara. Her menstruation began at the

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the JousNAi, and the attention of the Parliamentary Bills

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many other problems in diabetes. I had a close friend, in whom fatal

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in the system of toxines, i)roduced by the imperfect pigmentary

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may its origin not be in a disturbance of the pain centers themselves

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transferred except to animals of the same species. One hopeful result

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vein of the ear. The doses were always small during a period of

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blood in the right chamber of the heart. This shows how much of

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and anxious. The foetal heart sounds could not be heard ;

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the distance at which its ticking can be heard with both ears, for often

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administered on one occasion, and earlier in the day, without

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. Xa>!<' changes* either in the nerve-cells or

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the chest determines the variation in the rhythm and volume

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phieil, while the chest itself becomes barrel shaped.

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even after a sample of pure chloroform by the same makers

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